Famed Racing Outfit Bluebird Unveils GTL Formula-E Racer

Racing is evolving in new and exciting ways, and electric cars will no doubt be a big part of future motorsports. Even the FIA, which organizes events like Formula One, is getting into the game with new rules that encourage hybrid drivetrains, along with the formation of the Formula-E all-electric racing series. Now Bluebird, a racing organization with roots dating back over a century, has unveiled its entrant for the inaugural Formula-E competition in 2014.

I’ve written about Bluebird before, back when they tried to break their own EV land speed record. That ended in disaster, though obviously that has not deterred them from continuing to try new ways of clean racing. Bluebird joins other teams like Fondtech and Quimera who are  hoping to make it into Formula-E when the series debuts in a couple of years. Though the setup and qualifications have not yet been set, Formula-E stands to bring electric car racing into the mainstream. The Charging Point has an interview with Don Wales, whose grandfather first adapted the Bluebird name for his own land speed record racer.

Details on the Bluebird GTL Formula-E racer are scant, although one obvious difference is an enclosed cockpit, something most open-wheel racers lack. As far as re-charging, battery swapping, or inductive charging, we’re not sure, though hopefully batteries will have evolved to the point where more than 15 minutes of racing at a time are allowed.

With Bluebird throwing its hat into the ring, Formula-E is looking like it might have a real shot at happening. But can it draw enough drivers and interest to make it a legitimate success? Only time will tell, though this writer’s hopes are high that this new electric racing series will be only the beginning of a new era of sustainable motorsports.

Source: The Charging Point

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