GM Adds 3 More Miles To Volt’s Electric Range

With the summer of 2012 just about here, automakers are already beginning to roll out new and refreshed 2013 models. This includes GM, who has just announced several improvements to its green halo car, the Chevrolet Volt. Among the most important improvements to the 2013 Volt is an increase of 3-miles to the Volt’s all-electric range.

3 miles may not seem like much, but it is in fact an almost a 10% increase in the Volt’s all-electric range. GM engineers tweaked the battery recipe, as well as increased the overall amount of energy stored from 16 kWh to 16.5 kWh. This allowed the engineers to bump up the usable battery space to 10.8 kWh from 10.3 kWh. The Volt maintains a buffer level for the battery to ensure longevity.

Volt sales have remained impressively steady too, with GM moving more than 1,500 units per month for the past couple of months. Halfway through 2012, GM has sold almost as many Volts as it did for the entire year of 2011. Interesting, that. Another nifty new feature will be the much-discussed EV-hold mode, which lets drivers choose to use the gasoline range extender, preserving battery life for city driving.

What will the next generation Volt bring? That is anybody’s guess, though I do hope GM continues this upward trend of all-electric mileage. Perhaps they’ll even offer different “levels” of battery performance, bringing the price down to where someone like me might even afford it. Not trying to get ahead of myself…just wishful thinking I suppose.

Source: GM

Christopher DeMorro

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