SES TT Zero Awards Ceremony | Video: McGuinness Dishes…

Michael Rutter takes his trophies for first place and the 100MPH Club

The SES TT Zero awards ceremony was held last night at the lovely Villa Marina around 10 pm. Because the days are so long this far north, the nights are too, in a way. It all adds to the excitement of being in motorcycle heaven. Luckily the house we’re staying at has cable with a DVR which our host graciously programmed to record all the TT races, so we can be free to enjoy the day’s events and watch the complete races on the days off, like today. Please contact if you want to be able to watch the races in a more timely manner, the way BBC and others offer the races they film. It’s great if you’re in the UK, but for the rest of the world, there’s a long delay. Well, perhaps that’s part of the trick to get you to make the pilgrimage to this sacred isle of racing.

Third place finisher Mark Miller has been racing with MotoCzysz since their debut in 2009. I spoke to him just before the race and he was quite concerned about the wet/dry conditions, as that can be much more dangerous than heavy rain. For heavy rain, they have special rain tires which give excellent grip. But because racing at the Isle is so dangerous, they no longer race in the rain at all. So today’s race was postponed until the rain stopped. But this is no NASCAR pansy shite with blow dryers. They race when the rain stops, and ride around the wetter bits when they can.

Second place finisher and TT Legend John McGuinness allowed his daughter to steal the show onstage, but also had some very interesting things to say about riding the Mugen Shinden. The sound is not as clear on my camera, but I was sure he said “We had it set at 40% in practice, then I learned that it was in Map 1. When we put it into Map 2, it was like a rocket!” They can’t have done a 96.9 mph lap in practice then a 102 mph lap in the race going from 40% to 100% power delivery. But it does make sense for them to have multiple maps available for different conditions. That’s the beauty of electric vehicles, you can program them exactly how you want. In the interview I did with Michael Czysz (forthcoming) he touches on this, talking about how the gas superbikes now use all these electronics to make the motors more efficient, when an electric motor is already near 100% efficient.

John McGuinness's daughter accepts the award for "Cutest trophy girl" Hopefully she follows in Daddy's footsteps!

SES TT Zero winner Michael Rutter talks about winning the 10,000 prize: “…The press have been slagging off saying that when McGuinness wins his 10,000 he’ll fill his wheelbarrow and wheel it past my caravan (camper). Well now that I’ve won it I can afford a nice motorhome like McGuinness!”

Stay tuned for more interviews, as I will try to get a few moments with the race winners this week.

Susanna Schick

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