Hollywood Electrics Opening All-Electric Motocross Complex In Las Vegas

Electric cars may not have taken off the way automakers wanted, but electric scooters and motorcycles are seeing sales surge. Thanks to a more-affordable price and excellent campaigning from companies like Brammo and Zero Motorcycles, the word is out about gasless two-wheelers.Hollywood Electrics has been a big part of that success, and the Los Angeles-based electric bike retailer is expanding its operations to include an all-electric motorcross park off of the Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas, aka Sin City, is about a 4 hour drive from L.A., and the the world famous Strip is a great place to hawk electric motorcycles. Hollywood EMX, as the motorcross park will be called, will offer a full range of Zero Motorcycles for rental to everyone from novices to professionals. They will also rent protective equipment and headgear for enjoying the 32-acre motorcross park. There will even be four-wheeled electric trophy trucks for cowards like me who don’t want to risk reckless endangerment on a motorcycle. Seriously, I’ll hurt myself. For the frequent dare-devil, membership plans will also be offered.

Hollywood EMX will take the action off-campus as well, offering guided tours of the nearby desert on their all-electric motorcycles. With up to 114 miles of city range (which drops to 63 miles at highway speeds), the Zero ZF9 will allow rather deep excursions into the Nevada desert. Just don’t run out of juice; it’s a long walk back.

So begins Hollywood Electrics’ slow expansion eastward. An all-electric motorcross park is just another chance to show today’s drivers that electric vehicles don’t have to be boring. Rather, they can kick quite a bit of ass.

Source: Hollywood EMX

Christopher DeMorro

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