Heico Converts Volvo V40 Into Biodiesel Race Car

Swedish automaker Volvo has been on a long and strange journey in the past few years. After buying Volvo, Ford later sold it (at a substantial loss) to Chinese automaker Geely. Yet Volvo has maintained its European roots, and will soon debut a new small family hatchback called the V40. Ahead of its dealership debut, German tuning house Heico Sportiv has taken the four-door V40 and turned it into a biodiesel-powered boy racer.

Volvo is well known for its efficient diesel motors, and they have dabbled in biodiesel projects before. But Heico is its own company, and by turning the Volvo V40 into a biodiesel performance car, it shows the evolution of alternative fuels. I mean if you’re going to crank up the boost and add all sorts of power-increasing modifications, why not go all out and opt for an alternative fuel too?

The Volvo V40 isn’t even on sale yet, but Heico plans to make these modifications available for purchase. The biodiesel conversion and performance mods help bump horsepower to 296 ponies (up from 254) and a whopping 443 ft-lbs of torque. Not bad for a 2.4 liter 5-cylinder engine. The racer also wears a carbon-fiber body kit, though a more conventional (and less expensive) package of body and performance parts will also be offered.

It’s a shame, but I don’t expect to see this biodiesel race car on the circuit any time soon. However, I think it speaks volumes about the alternative fuel movement that before a new car even debuts, tuning shops are rushing out performance kits centered on a conversion to sustainable fuel. We’re going from mild to wild here people, and it’s an excited evolution to watch.

Source: Heico

Christopher DeMorro

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