French Automaker PGO Debuts Hybrid e-Hemera Sports Coupe

You’ve probably never heard of PGO, a small French automaker who makes niche vehicles for those-in-the-know. This small-volume automaker made waves a few years ago when it debuted the Hemera, a Porsche Speedster ripoff that weighed in at just over 2,100 pounds and was powered by a natural gas four-cylinder engine. And now PGO has debuted a range-extended hybrid that can go over 60 miles before the gas-powered generator kicks in.

The PGO Hemera is small, light, and sporty, just the way I like my cars, and the mid-mounted natural gas engine provides enough oomph for 140 horsepower and a top speed of 124 mph. I’m not sure what kind of performance the hybrid version of the Hemera will provide, but the 15 kWh batteries will reportedly provide a driving range of 50 miles (about 90 km) before the two-cylinder range extender kicks in. The best part though is that PGO has maintained the Hemera’s 5-speed manual transmission. Love it!

Better yet, a full charge takes just 5 hours on a 32 amp plug, and the range-extender can even be run on E85 ethanol. The sustainability continues inside the car and the body panels as well, which have mostly been sourced from sustainable materials like fiber flax, cork, and recycled paint (?!) From top to bottom, the PGO e-Hemera is just another example of how going green doesn’t mean sacrificing performance, and I know I’d love to have one of these Porsche ripoffs sitting in my driveway.

As more upscale niche automakers embrace green ideals, the chances of these modifications trickling down into the mainstream becomes ever higher. After all, don’t most of us aspire to own what the rich want?

Source | Images: TechVehi

Christopher DeMorro

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