Video: Brammo’s Empulse R Commercial Hits The Right Notes

Motorcycles have never been my thing, as I have flirted with death enough times on four wheels to know better than to tempt fate. But the rise of electric motorcycles has me winking at the grim reaper again, especially after seeing Brammo’s latest offering, the Empulse R. Now Brammo has released a two and a half minute commercial highlighting the Empulse R in a surprisingly normal way.

With a real-world driving range of around 77 miles (combined city and highway ratings), the Empulse R also manages to offer the performance of a comparable gas-powered bike thanks to lots of torque and a six-speed transmission. While the charging time of 3.5 hours on a Level II charger isn’t exactly speedy, Brammo estimates a driving range in the city of 121 miles. That is more than enough range for most city dwellers.

As far as the commercial goes, the well-produced piece shows a frequent scene across the country; an attractive dude riding a motorcycle to pick up an equally-attractive date. It goes well with the hip image that Brammo launched the Empulse with. The inherent normalcy of this activity is probably what Brammo is going for, as they want to make their electric motorcycle as appealing as possible to a wide audience of potential buyers.

And if you ask me, it is working. Even priced at $18,995, after state and Federal incentives, the price could come down to a comparable gas-powered motorcycle. Since green is cool and hip these days, attractive chicks would no doubt find an electric motorcycle quite appealing…though not just as passengers, as I am sure our own Susanna Schick would testify. Even me, an avowed driver of four-wheeled vehicles, can’t help but consider how cool it would be to own one of the first electric motorcycles with gas-powered performance.

Let me know in the comments below if you think Brammo’s commercial is an effective piece of advertising.

Source: Brammo

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