Mugen Shinden Remains Most Prepared for 2012 TT Zero race

There's always a crowd around the Mugen Shinden pit.

With the capricious weather having forced multiple schedule changes, the latest schedule has TT Zero starting at 3:30 GMT, in just 30 minutes. Earlier today I walked the paddock looking to chat with teams ahead of the race. However, most TT Zero tents were zipped up tight. Except of course for Mugen…

I spoke with Mugen’s Colin Whittamore again, who when asked how much juice the Shinden had left after McGuinness returned to the pit, would only answer “A bit.” A little bit, or a big bit, we’ll only know when McGuinness puts on his race face in 30 minutes. Whittamore explained that McGuinness will race as a racer, and has his own goals, but that the company has met their primary goal- to complete a lap at the 37+ mile circuit. They do not have a >100mph average speed goal like MotoCzysz. Czysz has this goal marked on the front fender of each bike, with the timing goal of finishing before 22 minutes, 38:28 seconds:

Stay tuned for the full race report, as I’m off to Parc Ferme to see which teams will start the race…

Susanna Schick

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