MotoCzysz Continues Dominance at Isle of Man TT Zero

Picture by Matt Mackey/

Michael Rutter began and ended the 2012 TT Zero race in front on the MotoCzysz machine, finishing in 21:45.33 minutes with an average speed of 104.056 mph, clearly winning the £10,000 prize for being the first rider to break the ton at the Isle of Man on an electric motorcycle. McGuinness beat Miller to second place with a 102.215 mph average lap in 22:08.85 minutes, Miller finished third with 101.065 mph average in 22:23.97 minutes.I spoke with Miller shortly before they started and he was very concerned about the conditions. There was still a bit of wet pavement in some parts, and they’re all on racing slicks. However, his concerns were unfounded, as the track conditions did indeed turn out to be fine.

Rob Barber came in a distant 4th, at 78.22 mph average in 28:56.45 minutes. In fact, the podium celebrations were well underway when Barber came across the finish line. Eight bikes started but only four were able to finish. This is the nature of racing new technology built on a tight budget. Some teams in the TT Zero are at least partially student projects, from universities such as Imperial College London and Kingston University. Others simply had problems I hope to uncover in interviews later today.

However, enough about failure. Today is a massive success story for Czysz, the motorcycle builder who dreamt of competing in MotoGP then had to shelve that dream, as seen in Charge, the film about the beginning of electric motorcycle racing here at the Isle of Man back in 2009. When he first learned of TTXGP from his electrical engineer, he was able to keep his dream alive of making a competitive race machine. And the past three years he’s proven successful at that. I only wish I could afford to buy one. For now, the price on the world’s best electric race bike? Unobtanium.

Susanna Schick

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