GreenGT Debuts Hydrogen Prototype Racer, Aims For 2013 Le Mans Debut

With the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race just days away, racing teams from all over the world are preparing for what is to many the most brutal motorsport event of the season. This year will see several hybrid racers from Audi and Toyota taking to the field, though the governing bodies saw fit to limit the advantages the hybrid racers have. The 2012 Le Mans race will also feature as an ever-expanding group of “experimental” race cars like GreenGT’s hydrogen-fueled race car, which debuted its latest prototype this weekend.

But don’t expect to see the GreenGT on the track just yet. Rather, the GreenGT joins other experimental race cars at Le Mans’ “Garage 56”, a sort of showcase for alt-fuel racers. Once powered by lithium-ion batterys, GreenGT’s race car now gets its power from hydrogen fuel cells. The designers expect it will make its track debut in August at the Silverstone FIA World Endurance Championship, after public testing begins in July. For now, the 540 horsepower GreenGT racer is content to let motorsports fans gawk over its clever combination of performance and sustainable energy.

The hydrogen fuel cells have been designed with endurance racing in mind, allowing for sustained track time and quick refueling. And as you can tell from the looks, the GreenGT racer has evolved quite a bit since the last time we saw it. I especially love the huge orange hydrogen tanks hanging off the side of the car. The evolution from glorified battery-powered golf cart to full-on hydrogen endurance racer has been quite entertaining. There is no denying the fact that GreenGT seems very, very serious about competing with its hydrogen racer.

Alas, their Le Mans racing debut has been pushed back yet another year, as GreenGT’s organizers aim for a 2013 coming-out. Fielding an endurance racer is not cheap, nor is it easy, and the last thing GreenGT wants to do is embarrass themselves with an incomplete racer. Considering how far they’ve come already, what is another year of waiting?

Source: TechVehi | Images: Hadrien Le Flanchec for

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