Better Fuel Economy Becomes America's #1 New Car Priority

It’s Memorial Day weekend and we just finished watching a 78-lap single-file parade the Monaco Grand Prix. The 96th running of the Indianapolis 500 will be underway here shortly. It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Chicago.

In other words: there is no way I’m getting any serious writing done this morning.

SO, here’s a terrific Cleantechnica article that explains why GM is having such a hard time selling their full-size pickups and SUVs and why the tiny Prius C is the fastest-selling car on dealer lots, taking just 8 days to turn.


Americans Say Fuel Economy Primary Car Buying Factor, Says Consumer Reports Survey (via Clean Technica)

  Call it a case of bad gas, bad gas prices, or both. It’s a familiar story: Any time fuel prices approach near record levels, American consumers tend to drive less and start serious discussions about buying smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. So says a recent survey by Consumer Reports. According…

Source: Consumer Reports, via Cleantechnica.

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