You'll Need High MPG to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (gallery)

GM’s marketers succeeded in convincing Gas 2 editor Chris DeMorro that Chevy Volt ownership will help you survive the (almost certainly around-the-corner) zombie apocalypse. Chris is an easier sell than I am, apparently, because I’d want one of these.

What you see here is a zombie-ready Suzuki Carry pickup, complete with four wheel drive, stabby bumpers, a roof-mounted minigun, and a downright miserly 3-cylinder engine that (if the rest of Suzuki’s recent offerings are any indication) delivers massive MPG numbers and the ability to run on several different fuels.

Believe me: flex-fuel capability will be a big deal in the future, zombies or no.

Check out the rest of the Throttle’s Suzuki Carry zombie-disposal gallery, below … and be careful, kids. If the zombies don’t get you, the gray goo will.

Source: the Throttle.

Jo Borrás

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