MiniNORRIS Electric City Car is Built for Safety (w/ video)

Whether we’re talking about the latest Smart, Gordon Murray’s F1-inspired supermini, or the super-awesome Peel 50, one question about these high-MPG micro cars always comes up: How safe is it?

Inspired, perhaps, by the internet’s broad reserve of random Chuck Norris “facts“, one European engineering student set out to design a car that, despite its small size, was almost impossibly tough. The result?

This. The MiniNORRIS microcar.

The CGI renderings, above, show the small electric vehicle’s tandem seating and centrally-located drive/steering wheels, which are similar in concept to the Segway transporter and GM’s own upcoming EN-V line of electric space-pods. Unlike GM’s EN-V, however, the initial proof-of-concept prototype recently completed its first round of crash testing. You can check out the MiniNORRIS crash test for yourself, below.

I reached out to the car’s designer, Milos Parapovic, who had this to say about his amazing little eco-wonder:

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What a guy – brilliant and humble!

Source: MiniNORRIS.

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