Green News Dailys: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Good morning! In a few minutes I am off to close on a house…but I felt compelled to write a few news stories first. Highlights include 4 million Toyota hybrids, students get suspended for biking to school, and Ford prices the 2013 Fusion.

60 Students Suspended For Riding Bikes To School [Treehugger]

DOT Study Shows Drivers Support “Connected” Cars [Green Car Congress]

Toyota Hits 4 Million Hybrids Sold Worldwide [Hybrid Cars]

Ford Prices 2013 Fusion: Starts At $22,495 [Autoblog Green]

Obama Rethinks Support For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles [Slate]

Shrinking Glaciers Releasing Pockets Of Methane [Inhabitat]

Christopher DeMorro

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