Monster Tajima’s Pikes Peak EV Racer Revealed

With the annual Pikes Peak Race to the Clouds just over a month away, teams are putting the final touches on their vehicles. As always, this year will see a lot of competitors using alternative fuel, including a number of high-end electric vehicles. The latest racer to get its official reveal is Monster Tajima’s Sport E-RUNNER. Sort of evokes visions of the Mach 5, no?

Details of the battery size or electric motor output have not yet been revealed, preserving an air of mystery that goes ahead of the famed hill climber. Monster Tajima currently holds the world record for four-wheel vehicles on Pikes Peak, and he intends to beat himself with the Sport E-RUNNER as a part of Team APEV.

While power numbers remain a mystery, it was revealed that the E-RUNNER sports a carbon fiber body that was no doubt designed only after many wind tunnel sessions. Tajima’s all-electric race car will have a significant advantage over traditional combustion engines, which struggle in the thinner air at high altitudes. Pikes Peak rises more than 14,000 feet above sea level, and last year was the first time anyone had completed the race in under ten minutes. Tajima set a record time of 9 minutes and 51 seconds in 2011 in a 900 horsepower Suzuki. The current EV record stands at over 12 minutes.

To beat that record though, Tajima pretty much has to go electric. With tons of torque and no power loss at high altitudes, EV’s have a distinct advantage in hill climbing. And since the race is just 12.4 miles long, range anxiety isn’t an issue. And of course there is Monster Tajima himself. He is a seasoned racer, to say the least, and the X-factor in this year’s competition.

While electric racers from EV West and Mitsubishi will be among the other alt-fuel entries, when it comes down to it, we’re putting our money on the Monster.

Source: Team APEV

Christopher DeMorro

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