Green News Daily: Monday, May 21st, 2012

Happy Monday dear readers! This is going to be a big week for me…I’m supposedly closing on a house on Wednesday. But don’t get too excited for me until I sign that paper. If it does happen (finally) then don’t expect to hear from me until NEXT Tuesday. I’ll try to get a few posts up here or there, but mostly you’ll be in the capable, if slightly smelly, hands of Mr. Jo Borras.

For now, on to the green news!

Ford Now Taking Orders On C-Max Hybrid [Treehugger]

FedEx Reducing Fuel Use Faster Than Anticipated [Hybrid Cars]

Chevy Volt Drivers Save A Supertanker Worth Of Fuel [Green Car Reports]

Nissan’s 4th EV Will Be Based On PIVO Concept [Plug-In Cars]

Volvo Launching 13-Liter LPG Truck Engine [Green Car Congress]

10 Most Bikeable Cities Rated [CleanTechnica]

Christopher DeMorro

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