The New Gas 2: More Buttons, More Tanks, and More Fun!

Since its inception in 2007, Gas 2 has been about a world coming to terms with its addiction to oil. We’ve talked about conservation, biofuels, clean diesels, electric cars, and the politics surrounding them all. Want to hear a secret about all that?

OK, I’ll tell you.

The fun parts of the future of fuels is virtually the same as the fun parts of fuels past: motorcycles, tanks, scooters, racecars – these things (and I speak from a place of complete, metaphysical certainty) kick ass, whether they run on gasoline, ethanol, or baby seal blood. You know, gear-head stuff.

That said: a thing’s being awesome doesn’t earn it a free pass to stink up my the air or waste my our natural resources.

To that end, we’re emphasizing the most awesome parts of the future of fuel here at Gas 2, with new nav-buttons that take you straight to the awesomeness that is motor racing, powersports, tanks military firepower, and more – making Gas 2 your best source for news and information about the steps being taken to make those awesome things more sustainable and more responsible.

Also: politics, because how much fun is it to argue about politics? I’ll get us started:

Tea parties are for old ladies and little girls.

See? Fun!

Feel free to click on the “Boring Stuff” link for more of what you can get everywhere else, except written by me and Chris and the rest of the Gas 2 gang. Stuff like mainstream auto show coverage, corporate press releases, math that isn’t about lap times or wheel torque.

Like the idea? Love it, even?

Tell me us how very clever I am we are (and let us know how you’d change things up) in the comments, below.

Source: Gas 2.


Jo Borrás

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