Zero Motorcycles and Hollywood Electrics' Sunset Strip Party

Typical Hollywood Ladies Love Zeros Photo Courtesy Scottie Images

Hollywood Electrics and Zero Motorcycles teamed up to celebrate the overwhelming success of the 2012 line Wednesday night at the chic Sunset Marquis Bar 1200. Zero Motorcycles sales for 2012 have far outpaced those of all previous years combined, and the company is still struggling to meet consumer demand for the fastest production motorcycles currently available, and tested by yours truly. The party was well attended by not only the requisite smattering of Hollywood PYT’s, but also by plenty of actual riders, judging by the piles of helmets everywhere, and bikers in their jackets. I saw more Ducati riders than anything else, showing that as predicted, these motorcycles have their strongest appeal among riders who appreciate a bike that’s different, cutting edge, and not too cheap.

Actual Riders! (rare in Hollywood) Photo Courtesy Scottie Images

There were also some gorgeous displays of 2012 models, both stock and customized by Hollywood Electrics, like this blacked out Zero S featured in the Sunset Marquis “gift shop”, Maximillian Gallery. With a stunning collection of some of the best emerging LA artists, it’s far more than your average art gallery, and makes an excellent backdrop for a matte black motorcycle.

Maximillian Gallery and Custom Zero S Photo Courtesy of Scottie Images

I had a great conversation with Zero COO Karl Wharton about Zero’s progress and different charging solutions. He told me about ChadeMo, a charging network expanding throughout the world. Karl also teased me that they’ve got some very exciting developments coming up this fall.

More photos from the party for your entertainment:

Hollywood Electrics owner Harlan Flagg with Adopt-a-Charger’s Executive Director Kitty Adams and Plug-In America Co-founder Paul Scott.

Harlan, Kitty and Paul Photo Courtesy of Scottie Images

The set they built, before the party was too crowded to see any bikes…

Zero party set Photo courtesy of Scottie Images

The author with Hollywood Electrics’ Josh Kearney and Harlan Flagg, and Lifetime Executive Christina Suwa. I may not be able to countersteer until my collarbone decides to reattach itself, but I can still sit on bikes!

Photo Courtesy of Scottie Images

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