Twisted n' Went, 2012

This year’s Twist n’ Gone scooter race has … twisted? Gone? Went?

Either way, it’s over, and it was AMAZING! The people were great, the atmosphere was buzzing (or was that the 2-strokes?), and there were some pretty trick contenders in this year’s drag classes, too. Some of the top performers at this year’s races included a 900 (nine-hundred) cc VTwin-powered Cushman scooter, as well as that slick purpose-built rig above (piloted by my man, Ryan J!).

You can CLICK HERE to check out 6 pages of Twist n’ Gone photos, but I’ve pulled out my favorites and included them, below.



We’ll be interviewing one of the organizers of Twist n’ Gone, Jeremy Hall, later this week – so look for that this weekend!

Sources | Photos: Enviromoto | LouevilBelle, Scooterworks USA.

Jo Borrás

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