Volare Hybrid Plane is Pretty, Flies

We’ve seen more than a few new-age planes here on Gas 2, from hybrid planes to full-electric planes to solar-electric planes. They’re all ugly. The new Volare, from Italian builder Volta, is free. King. Gorgeous.

Just look at the thing.

I want to name it “Bettina” and do dirty things to it.

The beautiful, stunning, ever-so pretty Volare is a 4-passenger series hybrid is powered by a 1.5L turbo diesel engine. Similar in concept to Chevy’s Volt (Volt:Volare, get it?), the Volare uses its diesel as a generator to “fuel up” the 55 kWh lithium battery pack. Combined with the Volare’s lightweight construction and slinky aerodynamics, the package is good for a 310 knot speed with a 300 mile range in EV mode (before the diesel “kicks in”, in other words).

Sound good? A little too good?

Fear not: the Volare is no million-dollar money-pit of vaporware.

Volta plans to sell the Volare for just under 500,000 USD, and claims maintenance costs will be 80% less than a similarly-performing ICE plane – and they’ve already sold a few! Of the initial run of 36, there are only 11 left.

Source: Volare, via TechVehi.

Jo Borrás

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