Hydrogen Hyundais Cross Europe, Longest Hydrogen Journey Ever

As an alternative to oil, hydrogen seems so promising, and yet so impossible. The only emissions from hydrogen fuel cells is water. Alas, the expense and lack of infrastructure mean they’re pretty much just a pipe dream for now. But over in Europe, two teams of drivers have driven hydrogen-powered Hyundai’s over 1,400 miles, from Scandinavia to the Rivera, powered by nothing by hydrogen.

The journey was made using a pair of Hyundai iX35 FCEV’s, and neither vehicle ever run out of fuel thanks to Europe’s growing hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Granted, the journey was plotted specifically to utilize hydrogen fuel stations, but it was a long-enough drive to make it the longest recorded journey by a car running hydrogen fuel.

Many automakers have pledged to bring hydrogen fuel vehicles to the U.S., and there are plans for “hydrogen highways” along the East Coast of the U.S. as well as across the UK. Even with the plotted course, the teams came close to running out of fuel when certain stations were closed, forcing them to find an alternative.

I won’t hold my breath for an affordable hydrogen car any time soon, but I am hopeful that within my lifetime, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will make up a relevant portion of the marketplace. Any other optimists out there?

Source: Wired

Christopher DeMorro

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