Forklift + Fiat = Inexpensive, Practical Electric 500 (w/ video)

Generally speaking, electric versions of cars are more expensive. In some case (*ahem*, Smart) they’re almost laughably expensive. This little Karabag Fiat 500E, however, is not.

Despite being built by an outside company that doesn’t have access to Fiat/Chrysler’s multi-billion dollar R&D departments with limited automotive experience, Karabag‘s little electric Fiat is actually cheaper than “the real thing”. It’s also different from the Fiat version in another way: it’s profitable.

That’s right. By combining the electric drive components that German forklift maker Linde Materials Handling employs to move about its precision workhorses, Karabag has developed a 65 mph EV that is able to deliver 100 km (62 miles) of range from its 11-kWh lithium-polymer batteries AND deliver positive revenue to Karabag, all for just under 300 Euro ($450) per month.

Gotta love that.

You can check out Karabag’s promo video for their 500E, below. Enjoy!

Source: Karabag, via Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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