San Diego Running Buses on CNG

Public transportation running on alternative fuel is always fun (fuel cells, batteries, you name it), and San Diego has added its name to the list of cities running buses on Something Else. The city has approved a purchase of 53 40-foot low-floor CNG (compressed natural gas).

Each of the buses includes all required Americans with Disabilities Act equipment, and the total purchase will be around $22.3 million (not sure how long it will take them to make that up through lower operating costs). The first batch of buses will reach the city in May and the last one will roll up in August.

Because It’s CNG

The introduction of the CNG buses should help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the San Diego area; the public transit network has upwards of 90 fixed routes as of right now, which gives it considerable potential to reduce greenhouse gases significantly with the switch to CNG. 31 of the new buses will operate out of the MTS (Metropolitan Transport System) bus yard on Imperial Avenue and the rest out of Chula Vista (anyone in the area hop on one this summer and let us know how they are – they should be just like a regular bus from the inside, but tell us anyway).

Chief Executive Officer of the MTS, Paul Jablonski, is looking for a modern fleet, according to NGV Journal:

“These are significant purchases for our agency. Our continuing replacement of buses ensures that our passengers will have enjoy reliable and comfortable service. We will soon have one of the nation’s most modern fleet in both our rail and bus divisions.”

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Source | Image: NGV Journal.

Charis Michelsen

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