Green News Daily: Friday, April 27th, 2012

Good morning everybody. I’m feeling a little crazier than usual on account of all the house-closing madness, so I am superglad it is Friday and I can finally relax (if just a little bit). Today’s top stories include Audi’s first hybrid, high gas prices affect the country in different ways, and GE is committing to EV’s for the long-haul.

Audi Unveils Q5 Hybrid, Its First Production Hybrid Vehicle [Inhabitat]

GM Begins Marketing Chevy Cruze Diesel Ahead Of Debut [Green Car Congress]

High Gas Prices Affect Parts Of U.S. In Different Ways [Treehugger]

Snake Oil Energy Salesmen [GigaOm]

GE CEO: Supporting EV’s For the Long Haul [Green Car Reports]

Electric Vehicle Standardizations Needed [Domestic Fuel]

Christopher DeMorro

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