Green News Daily: Thursday, April 26th, 2012

It’s hard to believe that April is almost over, and 2012 is already ⅓ of the way done. But the news must go on! Today’s highlights include the Focus Electric Pace Car, a Chevy Volt pool party, and how Miami wasted money on fuel efficient cars.

Ford Releases First Images Of Focus Electric Pace Car [Autoblog Green]

Opinion: N.C. Giving CNG Vehicles Unfair Advantage [News Observer]

2012 Chevy Volt Pool Party Ad A Wacky Idea [Green Car Reports]

Walkable Neighborhoods A Boon For Senior Citizens [Treehugger]

Miami Wasted Millions On Idle Fuel-Efficient Vehicles [Jalopnik]

97% Of Americans Overestimate Solar Panel Costs [CleanTechnica]

Christopher DeMorro

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