Ford Looking To Add Shredded Money To List Of Recyclable Materials

As automakers continue to look for ways to make themselves more profitable and efficient, their interest in renewable materials has grown and grown. With many old petroleum-based standbys growing more expensive oil prices took off, car makers like Ford are looking to renewable alternatives. One alternative the Blue Oval is looking at just happens to be shredded money.

While not something one might consider a traditional renewable material, there are about 10,000 pounds of old money being shredded every day. That’s a whole lot of shredded paper, and Ford thinks it can put it to use than burning or burying it, which is what happens to most of it right now. With 3.6 million pounds of paper product disposed of annually, Ford and the government might both stand to profit from a mutual agreement.

Ford has used other creative alternatives, including plastic bottles, denim jeans, and soy-based seats that have reduced its petroleum usage by 5 million pounds (pounds of what? finished plastic? actual petrol? I’m confused…). I will admit, it’d make me feel awful fancy if the headrest or seat cushion of my car were made from shredded cash. Who wouldn’t feel wealthy sitting on a seat made from $100 bills?

I hope this is a path Ford pursues; it could pay huge dividends.

Source: Ford | Image: Cash via Shutterstock

Christopher DeMorro

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