Nissan Tracks EV Charge Points in Real Time, Shares With Leaf Owners

Nissan Tracks EV Charge Points in Real Time, Shares With Leaf OwnersRange is one of the doubts many potential customers have about electric cars; Nissan is trying to counter this by providing charging stations for networks in a number of different locations. In its home country of Japan, Nissan is even going a step farther to make sure that not only are those charging stations available but also that their customers know exactly where they are.

As of next Monday – April 23rd – Nissan is offering a new service detailing exactly where Leaf drivers can charge their cars. The part that makes it workable for Nissan is that the information comes directly from Leaf drivers themselves; data from approximately 13,000 Leafs has been collected, sorted, and put online for all Leaf drivers to access.

Nissan Is Watching You (This Is A Good Thing)

Nissan’s Leaf EV ICT (Information and Communication Technology) System records where drivers charge their cars. The information then goes to the Nissan CARWINGS Data Center where it’s analyzed, and then fed back into the Leaf navigation system.

The end result is that – with daily updates – Leaf drivers know exactly where other Leaf drivers have successfully charged their vehicles, and the navigation system will tell them exactly how to get there (presumably, the system filters out instances of “I charged my car at home,” because that’s not helpful to the general public).

Nissan hopes that the number of charging stations showing up on its navigation system will double compared to what it currently has, and that the time it takes to update the database will be cut down to a third of what it is now. The system is only available in Japan, but it does seem as if it would be helpful in a broader market.

I actually rather like Nissan’s system (it’s not like my phone isn’t tracking where I go every minute of every day anyway), but what do you think? Do you want your car tracking where you charge it so other people can use that information, or would you rather maintain your privacy and keep your charging points to yourself? Tell me in the comments below.

Source: Green Car View | Image: Nissan.

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