Top Gear’s Clarkson Praises Copenhagen's Cycling Program

As any car guy will tell you, the most entertaining motoring show on television right now is Top Gear. But while I enjoy the antics of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, they are not exactly what you would call green car friendly. Their portrayal of the Tesla Roadster drew a lawsuit, and the hosts attempt to build an electric car was a farce through and through. So it was quite unexpected when Jeremy Clarkson came out and expressed his love and admiration for Copenhagen’s bicycling-centric culture.

Clarkson has a notorious mouth, often spouting off and getting himself and his co-hosts in trouble. From suggesting that public union employees should be shot to calling truck drivers serial killers. He has also suggested that many bicyclists deserve to be “cut up” by cars while riding their “silly Victorian distractions”.

But one place biking does work is Copenhagen, where Clarkson says biking is a pleasant way to get around. That’s because cyclists have their own roads and highways, which they do not have to share with cars. This makes bike-vs-car accidents much less frequent, reduces congestion, and makes parking spots readily available. Clarkson says he would live in Copenhagen “in a heartbeat”.

This is the same argument I’ve been using for years. Those who consider ourselves gearheads would do well to promote public transportation, bicycling, and other alternatives to automobiles. Why? Because the fewer idiots driving cars, the better off the rest of us are. It’s really rather simple, and yet that argument seems lost on so many people.

Not Clarkson though. He gets it right…this time.

Source: The Times

Christopher DeMorro

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