Electric Water Kart Tears up Paris' Canals (w/ video)

Somewhere between a geriatric paddle-boat and a high-intensity Jet Ski lies this, Aquelo‘s new Gliss-speed “water kart”. The Gliss-speed is a fully electric commuter craft with a top speed of about 15 knots (a little over 15 mph) that offers easy operation, nimble handling, and – if Aquelo’s promotional video (below) is to be believed – enough bodywork to keep the craft’s occupants dry.

Currently, the Aquelo Gliss-speed is available in Dubai and Thailand, but its makers expect the EV to appeal to commuters in cities like Venice, Italy and Ft Lauderdale, FL, which have large populations living and working close to waterways and canals. Aquelo believes the Gliss-speed’s ease of use and clean, green operation will be its making in those markets, and believes the Gliss-speed’s impressive and controls that allow the boat to “take off” at the first push of the accelerator will speak to customers who give the little boat a try.

Aquelo calls the Gliss-speed’s controls “intuitive”, but you can decide that for yourself. Here’s one more promotional video, courtesy of Aquelo, that’s a little more lighthearted than the first and gives a better idea of how the karts steer and go.


Source: Aquelo, via TechVehi.

Jo Borrás

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