Video: Brammo Teases Empulse Reveal

First announced in July of 2010, the Brammo Empulse promises to be the fastest, longest-range production electric bike when it hits markets later this year. The official reveal for the production model is set for May 8th, but Brammo has released this teaser video a month early to drum up some excitement for this revolutionary electric motorcycle.

Utilizing a six-speed Integrated Electric Transmission (IET) that simulates the feel of a gas engine, the Brammo Empulse may just be the electric motorcycle that lures people away from the gas-powered competition. While the starting price of $9,995 is lofty, the driving range should be somewhere in the 60 mile mark. Optional bigger batteries can take the driving range up to about 100 miles, on an electric motorcycle with the performance of a gas-powered street bike.

Speaking of the battery, a unique management system keeps the battery warm or cool, in order to maintain peak performance at all times. Brammo’s batteries are its “secret weapon”, allowing them to take home the 2011 North American TTXGP championship.

Brammo will announce the full, final details upon the Empulse’s official unveiling on May 8th. If ever there was an incentive for me to learn to ride a motorcycle, the Brammo Empulse is it.

Source: Brammo

Christopher DeMorro

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