Green News Daily: Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I am feeling better, though disappointed I couldn’t make the New York Auto Show. It’s the first show I’ve missed in five, maybe six years. But there is always next year (as long as the Mayans were wrong). Today’s highlights include Nissan’s New York City taxi, Infiniti’s electric sedan concept, and a 570 horsepower electric Protoscar.

Nissan Unveils Official New York Taxi For The Future [Inhabitat]

VW Alltrack Concept Brings Is An Off-Road Diesel Badass [Green Car Congress]

Protoscar Lampo 3 Promises 570 Horsepower EV [Plug-In Cars]

GM Shortens Summer Shutdown Of Volt Plant [Detroit News]

Infiniti Debuts LE Electric Sedan Concept [Carscoop]

Beautiful Bikes Made From Wood [Treehugger]

Christopher DeMorro

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