Green News Daily: Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Good morning to all my fellow non-millionaires. My tickets weren’t winners, and yours probably weren’t either…but at least it is nice to dream. This morning on the Green News Daily, the Fisker Atlantic gets revealed, ridable works of art, and Think City EV’s being sold at huge discounts.

Project Nina Revealed As Fisker Atlantic [CarForums.CZ]

Massachusetts Subaru Dealer Converts Tribeca Into An EV [Carscoop]

Discontinued Think City EV’s On Sale For 50% Off [Green Car Reports]

Battery Maker EnerDel Emerges From Bankruptcy [EnerDel]

Shabby Old Bikes Transformed Into Ridable Works Of Art [Treehugger]

Ford To Offer 2013 Fusion With $295 Start/Stop Feature [Green Car Congress]

Christopher DeMorro

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