New MKZ Model Goes Topless (w/ video)

Lincoln’s hot-selling MKZ hybrid surprised Ford with its success – which makes sense, considering the car was little more than a gussied-up, premium-priced Ford Fusion. For 2013, though, Ford is hoping that putting in an honest effort into its premium hybrid offering, with higher-grade interior trim bits, prettier paint, and this: a full-length, full-width sliding glass sunroof that brings (a reasonable facsimile of) the excitement of open-air motoring to the world of financial planning mid-size, upscale hybrids.

You can check out Lincoln’s quick video, showing off the MKZ’s panoramic roof in action, below – and let us know if it’ll sway you towards a Lincoln showroom in the comments, below.

PS: not an April Fools’ prank, just a genuinely awesome feature that sets Lincoln’s new hybrid up and apart from, for example, Lexus’ hybrid snooze-fest.

Source: Lincoln.

Jo Borrás

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