Riding the Copenhagen Wheel (w/ video)

We’ve written a number of articles covering hybrid-electric bicycles over the years – and every one of them has a comment by some clown reader that asks about the Copenhagen Wheel.

As well they should! Developed by the young brainiacs at MIT, the Copenhagen Wheel is, essentially, a bolt-on item that converts any conventional bicycle into a pedal/electric hybrid. The wheel assists the rider during forward motion, and charges during “back-pedaling” or coasting (similar to the regenerative braking systems found in other flywheel hybrids and modern Formula 1 racecars).

As tech-heavy as the Copenhagen Wheel already is, the bike’s makers have added a number of new sensors that interact with the riders’ iPhone. The Copenhagen Wheel’s developers recently released this short clip highlighting some of the bike’s new features …

… these new features focus on a group of sensors that collect information about several common pollutants (such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, as well as relative noise levels, humidity, temperature, and general traffic congestion.

The data is recorded via the iPhone app (which also includes a speedometer and odometer) and shared with MIT researchers for undisclosed (yet, clearly nefarious) purposes.

Source: Motorpasion Futuro.

Jo Borrás

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