New Sway Scooter for People Who are Afraid of Motorcycles (w/ video)

From the Campagna TRex to the Can-Am Roadster to the new Automoto, would-be motorcycle riders who are a little (let’s be generous) “freaked out” by the prospect of riding a 2-wheeled vehicle find themselves spoiled for choice these days … but what if, dear readers, what if you’re one of those special induhviduals who wants to a) ride a motorcycle like the cool kids, b) be able to forget to put your feet down at stoplights without falling over, and c) do your part to save the planet by driving an electric vehicle? What do you do then?

The makers of the Sway 3-wheeled electric scooter hope that the answer to that questions involves buying a Sway 3-wheeled electric scooter. The very same electric scooter they’ve gone to great lengths to showcase positively in their new promotional video, below.

I must admit, I do feel a bit guilty poking fun at the little sway. I mean, it is a scooter (and y’all know how I love scooters), but it’s just so … goofy, right? It’s bad enough that we have to deal with a bunch of leathered-up accountants and dentists clogging up the roads with their Harleys on Sunday morning, and now more and more companies are working to come up with ways to include people who not only want to emulate a (pretty ratty) lifestyle that died out 30 years ago, but people who want to emulate a lifestyle that they’re actively afraid to embrace in the most basic way: by riding a bike.

Just … ick, you know? (They don’t call me a wordsmith for nothin’, eh!?)

Oh, well. At least their heart is in the right place. Expect an eMPG rating well into the triple digits if and when the Sway scoot becomes available for sale. I’ll stick to my “regular” scoot.

Source: Sway Motorsports, via Motorpasion Moto.

Jo Borrás

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