Green News Daily: Friday, March 30th, 2012

Good morning, happy Friday, and welcome to the last day of March dear readers! I am celebrating the end of my birth-month by taking the day off to go farm some organic veggies. I’ll have a couple of other stories for you today, and then Jo can take over for the weekend shift.

Today’s highlights include a compressed-air car, ZipCar launches a Chevy Volt-sharing program, and the world’s fastest e-bike.

Tata Motors Releases Compressed Air Car In India [Scientific American]

6 Things You Really Need To Know About Renewables [CleanTechnica]

ZipCar Launches Chevy Volt Sharing Program In Chicago [Autoblog Green]

Coca-Cola Buys 14 Biomethane Delivery Trucks [Green Car Congress]

The Turbo By Specialized Is World’s Fastest E-Bike [Inhabitat]

Coda Scratches Plans To Build Batteries In U.S. [Green Car Reports]

Christopher DeMorro

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