Could Saab Come Back As An EV Maker?

My first car was a 200,000-mile Mercury mini-van. When that died, my parents helped me buy a Saab 900 Turbo. That car was fast, fun, and safe, saving my life in not one, but two accidents. So I was sad to hear that the Swedish automaker was finally closing down for good. Or is it? A Chinese-Japanese consortium is in talks to buy up the remnants of Saab, and revive it as an electric car maker.

The unnamed group apparently already has battery technology of its own; they just need a platform and a name. As any struggling EV maker can tell you, starting a new company with an unknown name is daunting. But taking a name that’s been around for decades, and reviving it as an EV maker? Nobody has tried that yet, but it sounds to me like a half-decent idea.

Apparently a bid for Saab’s assets is already on the table, though previous efforts to revive Saab have all met with failure. The Swedish automaker had a few alternative fuel vehicles in its stable, including EV’s, though none ever made it to market. GM also seems intent on killing Saab, rather than letting the technology fall into the hands of other customers.

Funny. If only GM had shown half as much interest in Saab when they owned it, the Swedish automaker might not have gone belly-up in the first place.

Source:  Just-Auto

Christopher DeMorro

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