Opel Ampera Wins Monte Carlo Rally

With all of the bad news surrounding the Chevy Volt these days, I think a few fluff pieces about its kissing-European-cousin the Opel Ampera is in order. Last week I talked about how Opel was entering the Opel Ampera into the Monte Carlo Alt-Fuel Rally. Well congratulations to the two cheese-eating surrender monkeys French drivers who took their Ampera to the top spot.

It was an overall good day for the Ampera. Of the 7 Ampera teams that entered the alt-fuel rally, four finished in the Top 10. But it was the car driven by Bernard Darniche and Joseph Lambert that finished in first out of a total field of over 130 competitors. The other three teams finished in 3rd, 7th, and 8th place. This ends the Tesla Roadster’s 5 year dominence of the event, and crowns a new champion of the Monte Carlo Alt Fuel Rally.

This year’s course included a 342-mile jaunt from Annecy-le-Vieux to Monaco on the first day, and a 169 mile trip down the original rally route. This follows on the Volt/Ampera being named the European Car of the Year. If only more Americans cared about this kind of “racing”, the Volt might find a few more fans with the Fox News crew.

Source: Opel

Christopher DeMorro

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