EDAG's Light Car Sharing Concept Draws Attention in Geneva

EDAG Light Car SharingThe German engineering group EDAG (Engineering & Design AG) showed up in Geneva with a fun concept this year – the Light Car Sharing and Light Car Open Source project.

The third in EDAG’s Light Car series, the Light Car Sharing project is aimed at providing rental cars on the go in urban areas, powered by an all electric drive. The car itself is will have a range of around 90 miles and a top speed of 87mph, both of which more than adequate for a city environment. It also boasts bumpers covered in a soft gel, to reduce any risk of injury in case of minor collision (with pedestrians, presumably) on crowded city streets.

It Lights Up!

EDAG’s concept car isn’t a “light car” because it weighs very little, although it’s super compact; it’s a “light car” because it lights up. LED strips embedded in the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle glow red, orange, and green to indicate occupancy (up to six people total – three in front and three in back) as well as the current state of the vehicle.

Smart phones are also integrated into the Light Car concept; availability and current position of any car can be found through the smart phone, and the phone can also be used to reserve the nearest car with empty seats.

EDAG was founded in Germany in 1969 and currently offers engineering services as well as supporting new developments in the automotive field in 21 countries around the world.

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Source | Image: EDAG via Response.jp.


Charis Michelsen

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