World's First Nationwide EV Service Network to be in Germany

World's First Nationwide EV Service NetworkMost drivers simply assume that there’s somewhere in the general vicinity capable of fixing whatever goes wrong on their cars, and they’re usually right. EV drivers have a bit more trouble finding shops with the ability to handle their vehicles – but electric car pioneer Karabag and truck manufacturer Still hope to change that with the world’s first service network for electric vehicles.

The network will not only address the issue of finding parts for electric cars, but also qualified technicians; mechanics require special training in order to handle the high-voltage batteries and other electronics. Karabag is hoping to create more demand from its customers by making it easier on them to maintain their vehicles.

Of Course It’s In Germany

The first nation-wide network of EV service stations in the world is indeed currently under construction in Germany. Over 800 Still locations – offices, service stations, and even some mobile service points – will be available to EV owners, whether they’re looking to have their vehicles repaired or simply maintained. No station will be more than 15 miles from any customer.

Still, which is a market leader for electric forklift trucks, is currently training its technicians to repair all of Karabag’s EVs (the new 500E, Fiat’s commercial vehicle the Fiorino E, the Doblo E, Scudo E, and the Ducato E). The so-called “Flying Doctors” are outfitted with exchangeable batteries and spare parts boxes containing electronics for battery management and control; they guarantee mobility within 48 hours of the call. For any of Karabag’s new customers, the cost of the service network is part of the two-year warranty.

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Source: Autobild | Image: Karabag.

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