Vectrix Japan Presents: Electric Scooters With Li-Ion Batteries

Vectrix JapanScooters are a pretty awesome mode of transportation any way you look at it. They’re fuel efficient yet still quick and maneuverable, not too many parts to keep track of and – best of all – they just look fabulous. Electric vehicles are also pretty awesome, what with the zero emissions and general cleanliness of the drive. Put the two together, and there’s potential for some pretty great stuff.

Enter Vectrix Japan, known for its electric scooters. Their flagship model is titled the Vectrix, and it works fairly well. Yet they’re improving it as of March 21st, with two new models powered by lithium ion batteries.

Electric Current For Two Wheels

The Vectrix has about the same amount of power as a 250cc scooter, and requires a motorcycle license (automatic transmission), at least in Japan. The new scooters with lithium ion batteries are the 3.7kWh VX-1 Li and the 5.4 kWh VX-1 Li+.

The earlier scooter, the VX-1, was equipped with a nickel-hydride battery. It’s still available and weighing in at 515 lbs., has a range of somewhere between 35 and 55 miles, depending on how it’s driven. The newer models are substantially improved – the VX-1 Li weighs at a super-light 425 lbs. and has a range of up to 60 miles, whereas the VX-1 Li + weighs in at 460 lbs. and has a range of up to 85 miles.

Both scooters are currently only available in Japan, where they’ll make a great addition to the crowded and somewhat smoggy streets of Tokyo.

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