Renault Wins DHL Innovation Award 2012

Renault Wins DHL Innovation Award 2012Renault is setting new standards in electric mobility and innovative logistics. DHL International awarded the French automaker with its Innovation Award 2012 for successful application of valuable electric battery packs in logistics and delivery.

Points For Creatively Moving Stuff Places

The logistics and transport giant DHL has been presenting its innovation award since 2008 to honor significant contributions to the field of logistics. Renault and DHL have been working closely together to employ zero emission electric batteries as the main fuel source in commercial fleets; given the differences between traditional combustion engine vehicles and electric trucks, the practical uses in the field also differ somewhat.

In addition to figuring out how best to use awesomely zero emission electric trucks, DHL has also been responsible for transportation of Renault’s lithium ion batteries to distribution companies throughout Europe and Asia. When the batteries are completely spent, DHL is the transport company that returns them to Renault’s recycling center in the Flins Renault factory.

Go, Batteries, Go!

Part of the innovative technology for which Renault is getting its award is their tracking system. It enables Renault to monitor storage, transport and temperature of the batteries at all times (this is similar technology to what allows Tesla to inform its customers that their Roadster battery is about to ruin the car due to non-existent charge). Renault’s system allows it to ensure that all technical and legal requirements for the correct transport of new and used batteries are being followed.

Achim Schaible, president of Renault Germany, when receiving the award at DHL Innovation Day in Bonn (as reported by, said:

“Renault is ensuring the best possible service quality for its EV customers with the new logistic solutions. Immediately after the lithium ion battery life has expired or develops a defect, a replacement is delivered to the appropriate Renault dealer by DHL. The safe and correct transport guarantees unlimited mobility to our customers.”

For its part, DHL has specially trained personnel to transport the often heavy and oddly sized battery packs, and it tracks every part of the delivery from its Dutch control center. DHL and Renault seem to be doing it right (not that anyone seems to be doing it wrong at this point). The lithium ion battery packs are often the most valuable part of an electric car. An EV certainly won’t run without them, and it’s not exactly easy to macguyver a replacement if no battery is on hand.

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