Formula 1: Australian GP Qualifying

The tests have been run, practice sessions are over, and it’s time to put up or shut up for the best teams and drivers in motorsports (and HRT). That’s right, kids! The world’s fastest hybrids are officially back in action at the 2012 Australian GP, which will be broadcast live on Speed’s streaming web channel in a nearly incalculable number of dragging, insufferable few short hours.

This isn’t about tomorrow’s race, though – this is about this morning’s qualifying session!

The hybrids’ advanced KERS systems proved themselves once again, allowing the fully-functional McLaren and Lotus/Renault racers to pull ahead of 2010/2011’s dominant Red Bull racers, who couldn’t manage to get their KERS online in time to challenge for the front, along with the adaptive-aero Mercedes of Michael Schumacher, which uses hollow ducting throughout the car to (allegedly) help stall the car’s front wing – similar (in concept) to the system used at the front on Chevy’s Cruze ECO.

We’ll have a rundown of the 2012 season’s inaugural race tomorrow morning, but you can check out this morning’s winners and losers report over at PlanetF1, with full qualy results at


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