Protoscar Announces "Potential" Production Version of Its Electric Sports Car

Lampo 3 GTSwitzerland’s purebred electric sports car, the Protoscar Lampo 3, has shown up at a number of electromobility events over the past year or so. It always meets with the same question: When can I have one?

Given the amount of interest, Protoscar announced that they’re working on it; the company is looking for investors to support their subsidiary, LAMPO Ltd., which would be responsible for the Lampo 3 if it ever makes it to production. The question is whether or not they can actually find both investors and partner companies to assist in financing, production, distribution and service.

Swiss Cars, Like Swiss Watches?

Protoscar is already working with a number of partners to provide all the disparate elements of their sports car; the drive on their working prototype is built by Brusa Elektronik AG, for example, as is the charging unit. The drive has a peak output of 420kW and pushes the all-wheel drive sports car to 60mph in a little under 4 and a half seconds, while the charging unit supports the CHAdeMO standard.

The company also has a list of a few items they’d like to change for the potential production model:

  • An improved chassis, which will be optimized for production by ThyssenKrupp Systems Engineering
  • A new battery pack with 42kWh from Akasol Engineering
  • A new interior design, the artist’s conception of which is on display at the Geneva Motor Show

In the end, the answer is still the same as it’s been over the past year: Yes, it’s super cool. No, you can’t have one yet. No, we don’t know when you can. It does look good, though, and since electric sports cars can be super fast and fun, I for one don’t mind the wait.

Source | Image: Protoscar.

Charis Michelsen

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