Smith Electric Reveals New EV Step Van For FedEx

One of the quiet success stories in the EV world has been Smith Electric. This company is slowly but surely signing on one big business after another, and Smith EV’s are becoming a more common sign in cities across the U.S. Ever charging forward, Smith has revealed a step-van version of its Newton electric van, the first examples going to parcel-service FedEx.

FedEx’s white delivery van are well known to most Americans, but what isn’t as well known is the fact that fuel costs are one of the parcel company’s largest expenses. And it isn’t just FedEx either; nationwide, many businesses spend a lot of money to not go very far, with most businesses operating within a 100-mile radius. With electricity rates being what they are, going electric isn’t just about saving the Earth…it is about saving money.

While not every route will work with the Newton’s limited 100-mile range, many will. With a gross-vehicle weight of between 14,000 and 26,000 pounds, these EV vans are no slouch in the hauling department either. Frito Lay is already using Smith EV’s for deliveries in New York City, and the U.S. Marine Corp is testing two Newton EV’s for deployment on the battlefield.

It is funny how, among all the politicizing of electric vehicles, Smith Electric really seems to be making movies without making news. The marriage of left-wing ideals (electric cars) with right-wing business acumen just makes sense. EV’s won’t work for everyone…but that doesn’t mean that won’t work for anyone. Perhaps President Obama should mention Smith Electric more, and the Chevy Volt less?

Source: Domestic Fuel

Christopher DeMorro

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