Mercedes' Electric SLS Revealed

Mercedes finally unveiled the powertrain of its upcoming SLS eCell electric, gullwing supercar … and it is all kinds of high-tech, carbon fiber awesome.

The new AMG-developed, aluminum-bodied coupe features a pushrod front suspension to minimize unsprung weight (handling’s mortal enemy) in a bid to offset the weight penalties of carrying an electric motor in each of the car’s four wheels. The layout allows the car’s computers to vary torque to each wheel – a system similar in concept to Honda’s NSX supercar – that maximizes traction off the line and in slippery conditions while keeping the car’s balance predictably neutral.

You can check out some high-resolution images of MB’s ultra-fast EV in the gallery, below. Enjoy!

Source: Mercedes-Benz, via WorldCarFans.

Jo Borrás

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