Yo's CNG Hybrid Crossover Tech (w/ video)

We’ve been covering Russia’s YoMobile CNG-electric hybrids for a few years now, and have watched the cars go from glorified napkin-sketches to “improbable” concepts to running prototypes, and – finally – to sold-out success tory.

Yo Auto isn’t just sitting back and collecting deposits, though. The company recently announced plans to build a larger, “crossover” vehicle (read: SUV) that would offer Russian motorists a bit more utility than the (surprisngly?) attractive YoAuto Coupe, as well as an an innovative all-wheel-drive system that combines hybrid “buzzword” technologies like regenerative braking and start-stop technology with range-extending, alternative-fuel powerplants that can burn compressed natural gas or bio diesel.

The new Yo eCrossover (as it’s being called) would also feature an OnStar-style vehicle communications system that keeps the Yo in constant contact with dealers and service stations in case your Yo is ever stranded, broken down, or in need of service.

You can check out more YoAuto tech in the video, below.

Source: YoAuto TV.

Jo Borrás

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