Green News Roundup: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Good morning dear readers, and welcome to your daily dose of everything green. We have had an influx of visitors today from the Drudge Report, and while the commentary is overwhemlingly negative, I was surprised by some of the more thoughtful comments. Either way, I welcome any and all readers to this blog, whatever their thoughts on the Chevy Volt or any other green tech. Who knows, maybe we’ll even change some minds.

Any ways, this morning’s highlights include a canopied electric motorcycle, Toyota teases a new hybrid, and Jeep of Europe goes sporty.

Jeep Unveils “Production Intent” Models In Europe [Autoblog]

EPA Approval Brings E15 Fuel Closer To Gas Pumps [Domestic Fuel]

The Crossbow, A Canopied Electric Motorcycle [AutoMotto]

Toyota Teases New FT-Bh Hybrid [Inhabitat]

Electric Delivary Vans Get Gov’t Boost In UK [Treehugger]

Study Finds Tar Sand Pits Make As Much Emissions As Power Plants [Green Car Congress]

Christopher DeMorro

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