Is This the Best Green Car Commercial? (w/ video)

This is the latest commercial spot for Mazda’s new line of Skyactiv cars and SUVs … and, with its great music, thrilling visuals, and a surprisingly non-preachy green/sustainability message, it’s pretty awesome.

I didn’t see this ad on TV, though. Or on Hulu. Instead, I caught it on Jalopnik, where Matt Hardigree said it better than I ever could:

Who cares that this ad features clips of people driving Chevys and video of the 787 that, for all we know, was pulled from Forza 4? It translates exactly what I want to feel about environmental technology.

Pretty much, Matt. Thanks for bringing this little Bo Diddley-powered ad gem to our attention. Enjoy!

As for why you probably haven’t (and probably won’t) catch this commercial on the tele, Mazda has been hit pretty hard, lately, with last year’s earthquake and strong yen conspiring to generate a 1.3 billion (with a “B”) dollar loss for Mazda in the past year. This, despite the company being something of an auto-media darling and having some pretty exciting green tech aboard its new small cars. Quite beyond that, parked just feet from Mitusbishi’s 30+ thousand-dollar MiEV at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show, as they were, the $15K Mazda 2 model felt like a Rolls Royce in comparison.

A bit of a puzzle, that, but it’s a hard truth many carmakers who build cars for the automotive media rather than simply “building what people want to buy” must eventually learn: most “car guys” don’t buy new cars.

Source: Mazda, via Jalopnik.

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