Green News Roundup: Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Good morning everybody! Today is a special day, as we should have some green news content rolling in from the Chicago Auto Show this morning, thanks to Jo Borras and Charis Michelsen. For now though here’s your daily dose of green news. Top stories today include a VW Beetle made from trash, Mercedes’ next EV is a van, and Fiat 500 EV Production begins this year.

VW “Think Blue” Beetle Made From Recycled Trash [Inhabitat]

Electric Bike A Tiny RV Too [Treehugger]

Mercedes’ Next EV Is A Delivery Van [Green Car Reports]

Electric Fiat 500 Production Confirmed For 2012 [Plug-In Cars]

Mazda Develops Lightweight Resin Bodyparts For CX-5 [Green Car Congress]

DOE Awards Loans For Cellulosic Ethanol Production [The Energy Collective]

Christopher DeMorro

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